FFlib.NET released!

Are you web developer? Are you looking for video conversion library for long time? So, be happy! We are pleased to introduce you the first release of our .NET & FFMPEG based video conversion library - FFlib.NET.

So, FFlib.NET is an FFMPEG based .NET c# library for video conversion services and applications, that you can use totally free. And that’s not all. We are just working on version for PHP interpreter as PHP extension both for Windows and Linux and next C++ and COM library. So, here is a basic features of this release of FFlib.NET:

  • fully C# managed NET 2.0 library
  • simple and easy to use object model
  • properties for setting video and audio conversion parameters
  • you can disable audio or video stream
  • you can use fflib for audio conversion only
  • single threaded at this time
  • this is first alpha version
  • source code available
  • free for personal and commercial use
  • available full support for developers
  • free future updates for registered users

FFlib.NET is free for everyone, so you don’t need to use FFMPEG executable for your projects no longer. Now you can use FFlib.NET instead of it. If you are still interested, download it from http://www.intuitive.sk/fflib/.

… and watch our blog for future updates and sample codes ;-)

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FFlib.NET is an FFMPEG based .NET c# library for video conversion services and applications. You can use it for free.
FFlib is developed by SOFTPAE.com, an excelent webdesign and development company from Slovakia.

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