Make your own video server with video conversion like YouTube, Google Video, MetaCafe or DailyMotion ...

Are you still using FFMPEG executable to perform video conversion for your web application? Are you working on video server project similar to Youtube, Google video, MetaCafe or DailyMotion? Forget commonly used ffmpeg solution. Here is totally free FFLIB, a ffmpeg based video conversion NET 2.0 library. Linux and PHP versions coming after some time ...


  • fully c# managed NET 2.0 library
  • simple and easy to use object model
  • properties for setting video and audio conversion parameters
  • you can disable audio or video stream
  • you can use fflib for audio conversion only
  • single threaded at this time
  • this is first alpha version
  • source code available
  • free for personal and commercial use
  • available full support for developers
  • free future updates for registered users


First release (alpha 0.6, compiled with sample): (9.93 mb) [Downloads: 95186].


If you need support with implementation of FFlib.NET from us, buy our 3 hours full support package by paypal here (50$). If you need help with programming, or you want  us to create application based on your specification, contact us by contact form.

Source code:

You can buy (and help us with development) full library source code by paypal only for 99$ without future updates to source. If you are interested to future updates (PHP & Linux version), buy our source code for 199$ with rights for all future versions (php extension, linux version) for one year.

Source code without
future updates

Source code with
future updates

Only for 89$ Only for 199$

Donate Us:

We are working on fully functional PHP extension both for linux and windows with full multithreading, if you can help us, donate us small amout of money. Thanks for all contributions! 

About Us

FFlib.NET is an FFMPEG based .NET c# library for video conversion services and applications. You can use it for free.
FFlib is developed by, an excelent webdesign and development company from Slovakia.

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